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garage door repair costOne of the major entry ways to the home is the garage door and therefore one has to make sure of the fact that they remain in good order and secured. It is very important to consult a professional to determine if the problem with the current door could be fixed or repaired. Whether you are outfitting a brand new house or looking to replace an old garage door, one of your primary concerns will certainly involve garage door costs. It is not necessarily an easy chore.

Most homeowners don't have much experience buying garage doors and therefore have little idea about garage door costs. Furthermore, garage door costs vary widely. You can spend as little as a few hundred dollars for a basic new garage door, uninstalled, to thousands of dollars for a high-end garage door that is professionally installed.

Determining the Garage Door Repair Cost

average garage door repair costThere are some important factors that determine the garage door repair cost. First and foremost one should keep an eye on the style of the garage door. The style of the door is very important in order to make proper repairs. Single tile up models are the best and they are easily affordable. Other than this single roll ups could also be a probable consideration. If the person is looking for a bit costly one then he could choose the custom roll up models available in the market.

After style the material is the next most important thing that one should consider. All the materials available for garage doors are not created equally. The more costly ones have a higher installation and replacement costs. Wood models are costly and steel doors are much more affordable. There are insurance premium models, which could have a much higher cost.  The cost will fluctuate depending on these qualities.

Openers are also an important factor to consider. Consider an electric opener for the more modern garage door. These locks often malfunction and one need not worry because it could be repaired easily. If the electric opener is causing the main problem for the garage door then it is indeed a minor problem and no major cost is involved. In this case the door is not the problem but the lock is and it could be either repaired or changed within a small cost incurred.

Other than the style, material and openers the finishing is the last major think that one should consider while deciding on the cost for door repairs. It is very important to match the color of your door with the exterior or trim of the home. If the color does not match then the door will not have a proper finishing. Proper painting is not a necessary factor to consider but it may determine the cost of installing a door. If a person is looking for a more durable paint then the whole cost could drastically increase. It is necessary to consider all the factors before deciding how much the garage door repairs would cost. It is recommended to consult an expert and recognizing the right problem and decide the cost on the basis of it.

Average Full Garage Door Repair Cost






Garage Door Cost
Non-discounted retail cost for common, mid-grade garage door. 

1 door 



Garage Door Labor
Direct labor expenses to replace garage door. 

4.1 hours 



Garage Door Job Materials and Supplies
Cost of supplies that may be required to replace garage door including: connectors, fasteners, and adhesives. 

1 door 



Garage Door Debris Disposal Costs
Costs to load and haul away old materials and installation waste. 




Totals - Cost to Replace Garage Door

1 door 




Average cost
per door